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Gauze bandage


Gauze Bandage with Woven-edges
100% cotton gauze, comfortable and easy to handle, with woven-edges to reduce lint and provide safe wrapping.
Ideal for securing dressings, splints or for providing mild compression and support.


1,Good softness and patient comfort.
2,With woven-edges, no lint.
3,Superior performance and stretch ability.
4,Easy to cut.

Can be used as an outer layer in compressive wound care; as well as a secondary wound dressing.

REF NO. Thread Size Packaging
01  13 5cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 120pks/case
02  13 7.5cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 80pks/case
03  13 10cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 80pks/case
04  13 15cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 40pks/case
05  17 15cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 30pks/case
06  17 5cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 120pks/case
07  17 7.5cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 60pks/case
08  17 10cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 60pks/case
09  17 15cmx5m 12rolls/pack, 40pks/case



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