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Face mask


non-woven face mask(3ply ear-loop)

1.Top sheet:soft non woven fabrics,breathable and confortable

2.Size: 17.5 x 9.5cm,14.5x9.5cm,12.5x9.5cm

4.Material: 18+20+25g,18+22+25g,20+20+25g,25+25+25g etc

5.Filter rate:≥90% 95% or 99% BFE

6.Color: white/blue/green/red/pink/yellow etc
7.Style: elastic earloop & tie-on bands,1ply/2ply/3ply/4ply are available


Size and package specifications of the surgical mask ,.

17.5cm*9.5cm  50pcs/box

14.5cm*9.5cm  50pcs/box

12.5cm*9.5cm  50pcs/box


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